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Why canít my child understand a specific subject?
This isnít a worrying issue, many kids face problems in specific subjects. This usually occurs when the child hasnít grasped the foundations very well. But with a little more focus and time spent weíll ensure your child understands the subject better and excels in it.

The homework Trap, why does my child face difficulty in homework.
Many young students face this problem. Here are a few guidelines to help with their homework troubles.
  • Carry a planner or agenda and always note down your homework.
  • Always check your agenda for homework before leaving the school or your house for next day at school to reduce the chances of leaving your homework behind.
  • Create a study/homework timetable and never put off homework till the last minute.
  • If a specific date is given to an important assignment make it priority to complete it first and hand it in.
  • Remember if your not understanding your homework, always ask questions.
My child requires additional help in homework.
Do not worry. We understand this and as well as tutoring we provide help-IN homework.

What grade levels do you teach?
We tutor:
  • All subjects from Primary School to High School
  • Courses for Bachelors
  • Courses for Masters
  • PhD Programs and Research
Why should students be tutored?
There are many reasons why parents should have their children tutored.
Some are:
  • That the student may not have understood the foundations very well
  • That some children learn differently and here in One to one tutoring we focus on the child especially
  • To avoid danger of failing
  • To Achieve a higher average
  • That Large or medium class sizes may not be as conducive to learning in schools as in CCLC
How do I know my child will improve?
At CCLC we are committed to ensuring that all children demonstrate improvement. We provide One to One tutoring that help us understand the student better and hence help us improve the foundations and weakness of the student. We provide quizzes and tests and return a progress report which ensures you are up to date with your Childs progress. If there is no improvement 100% of fees paid will be refunded.

Is there One to One tutoring? What is One to One tutoring?
Yes, we provide one to one tutoring for your child. One to one tutoring is basically the student learning from the instructor in a classroom where the instructor can focus on the student and better understand his weakness to ensure improvement.

Where are you located?
Our Contact Information can we found at our Contact Us page.

Are there any hidden or extra charges?
No, there are no other extra or hidden charges. Our charges are strictly according to the subject or courses the student require tutoring for plus the number of hours to be purchased per contract. Please remember minimum 10 hours is necessary per contract.

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