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Care Canada Learning Center

Care Canada Learning Center:

In-House tutoring

Some parents choose to educate their kids at home. We have mobile tutors who can provide all the help you need to make your kid learn at your home. Private in home tutoring programs are uniquely designed to meet your child’s particular needs. If however your child chooses to receive tutoring at a nearby library, this can also be arranged.

*Note In-house and library tutoring is subject to availability and must be requested.

Group Learning:

The effective and fast way of learning is through one to one tutoring. However if tuition fee is a concern or you would like to study with your friends then group learning is another option. Add a student for an additional cost of $10 per hour. Maximum students allowed in a group are 3. There is an option to increase class time for a group up to 2 hours per day.

Programs for Third Party

We offer vocational training programs to third party referral companies. Through our specially designed program, the students can earn certificates/membership in a number of fields like WHMIS, Security Guard, PEO, First aid/CPR and many other licensing exams.
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