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Care Canada Learning Center

Care Canada Learning Center:

We believe in quality education and stick to the motto that no one is left behind. We provide professional and qualified tutors for your needs. We specialize in One to One tutoring which helps better meet your requirements.

Some of our services are:
  1. One to One tutoring
  2. Tutoring for all subjects by Professional tutors
  3. Great emphasis on knowledge and skills improvements
  4. Adherence to Ontario Curriculum
  5. Exam preparation and homework help
  6. Progress updates through evaluation
  7. Main focus on Mathematics, Science and English communications
  8. Special program for writing skills
  9. Various locations around the GTA
  10. Competitive packages
  11. Providing dedicated certified teachers (B.Ed) and ESL teachers
  12. Provide enjoyable learning environment
  13. In-House tutoring*
  14. Group tuitions*
Note: * subject to availability and must be requested.
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