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Care Canada Learning Center

Care Canada Learning Center, is a division of Care Canada Enterprise. Care Canada Learning center believes in the excellent upbringing of the younger generation. We started Care Canada Learning Centre in 2001 as an in-house tutoring service centre, with a purpose to help children, youth and adults achieve their academic goals. Care Canada learning centre provides individualized supplementary educational and training programs to elementary, secondary school, college and university students. We also provide tutoring to adult students of special needs. Our teaching methods are designed to ensure 100% Student satisfaction.

Care Canada learning team consists of Teachers and educators at various levels including:
  • Bachelor Students tutoring young children.
  • Masters students tutoring high school & bachelor students.
  • PhD students as well as Post Doctorate Professionals tutor High School, Bachelor, Masters and PhD students.

In a diverse and growing economy it is important that students receive excellent education throughout their academia. Care Canada Learning is strictly designed to help you learn to the best of your abilities. We believe that One to One tutoring helps the teacher to better understand the student so that his requirements and needs are met accordingly. This also allows the student to better understand their course and do the best they can.

Care Canada Learning follows it through three main operation principles:
  1. A Clear understanding of concepts
  2. Students must receive the best of education
  3. Principle of understanding through inquiry and practice
Our competitive rates are very affordable and we have locations in the east and west in the GTA. Group tuitions are also available upon request. We also have special rates for group tuitions.

Care Canada Learning Center has recently presented a proposal for an Islamic School in the District of Markham. Please click here to view. Note: Link will open in a new Window. If you are interested and would like to be a part of this project in any way, Please do not hesitate to Contact Us. Thank You

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